What We Do

OPEX San Diego North What We Do

We see people as individuals. We take them from where they are to where they want to go. We take the best of personal training, the smartest fitness program design, and the fun fitness gym environment and put it all under one roof.

Where many gyms strive to add more to their clients' fitness programs, we seek out what is essential to their goals.

OPEX is purely about the client, and that means providing a program that's reliable, result-proven, and fun. A program that just works.

We design our training programs with these principles in mind, using only tried-and-tested standards. We're also right on top of the latest developments in fitness and nutrition, and this is where our small-scale can be an advantage: we don't have a two or three-hundred member client base. If a coach wants to make an improvement or change directions with a client, we can do it without being constrained to a group training model.

The training, nutrition, and lifestyle prescriptions come from us, but when it comes to the hard work, that comes from the efforts that our members put in and the motivating group training environment that we’ve cultivated.

Step 1: Assessment 

We’ve established a unique method for meeting our clients. Creating a coach-client relationship sets us apart from our competitors.

We know even the best program will fall short if it isn’t appropriate for you. Our assessment isn’t a test; it’s a tool that gives us a starting point to understand where you are NOW so we can build the right program that works on what you need from the start. Creating an understanding around your time constraints, personal goals, and current physical abilities allows us to create an unparalleled training experience.

Once your assessment is completed, your coach designs all your starting workouts and nutrition planning; we have one coach  for one client. We deliver the workouts to the palm of your hand through the power of an application called FitBot. Workout delivery, results tracking, real time messaging, exercise demos, and the ability to upload training videos all in one place streamlines the training experience and allows our coaches to track your progress efficient and effectively.

Step 2: The Gym Floor

All our training floor hours are covered by experienced, professional coaches. This mean personal training quality monitoring by your coaches every training session to ensure you are not only performing your program safely and efficiently, but also maximizing the quality of your time spent in the gym.

Not only that, but you are surrounded by a great group of like-minded clients all working to build their fitness right next to each other. We promise there is always someone there to provide the motivation and push you need, and with whom you celebrate your victories, big and small.

Step 3: Refinement 

While clients receive great ongoing support, our coach simultaneously "teaching you to fish." One of the most important aspects of seeing long-term results is tangible progress in the areas of life that you prioritize. Whether that is providing for your kids, building your career without losing a grip on your social life, or competing at the pinnacle of your sport, your OPEX San Diego North coach will design your path to get you there while also helping you to enjoy the ride.

Monthly coach client consults and InBody body fat measuring are just two on the included ongoing supports of our training.